Innovation has proven to be a major factor in Pacific Coast Marine
Windshields’ success.
We continually challenge limits in design, engineering, materials and production methods. Our Research & Development team is constantly seeking new ways to improve the look and feel of our customers’ boats.

PCMW has brought many products to the market, including…

  • Single piece compound curved windshield system
  • All stainless steel top rail design
  • Ceramic Frit design
  • “Invisi-lock” frameless bottom rail system
  • One piece top & bottom rail system
  • “Miroflex” stainless steel & aluminum hybrid rail system
  • Robotic technology to the production process
  • Automated assembly

The R&D staff at PCMW has many years of experience as boaters, varying from general boating enthusiasts to a tournament level driver in the waterski and wakeboard market to large yacht owners. We monitor a variety of industries and trends for what’s hot. We want our partners to benefit from our experiences, ideas and concepts, because if our partners are successful, we will be successful.