PCMW Aftermarket

PCMW is committed to providing all customers with replacements for windows we have built regardless of the year.

Step 1

The first step towards ordering your PCMW Aftermarket Window is to ensure the window you wish to replace fits the guidelines.
PCMW has three main guidelines when processing Aftermarket applicants. To ensure the window provided is a suitable fit for your boat, please confirm the following:

  1. Guideline

    #1 PCMW Shapes Only

    PCMW Aftermarket can only replace damaged windows with a PCMW window we are currently producing or have produced in the past. We cannot provide a window for boats that do not match a PCMW flat deck shape.
  2. Guideline

    #2 Flat Deck

    PCMW Aftermarket can only provide replacement windows built for boats with a flat deck. To ensure you have a flat deck please look at the following diagrams:
    1. View the profile of the boat from the Port or Starboard side
    2. Look at the bottom rail of the window from the gate front to the end of the side wing
    3. The angle of the bottom rail should be perfectly flat (See figure A) Flat Deck
    4. If there is the slightest curve your boat does not have a flat deck (See Figure B)
      Curved Deck
    PCMW cannot provide windows for any boats with curved decks. However, it is possible to put a flat deck window on a curved deck if the window ends before the deck curves up. It is your responsibility to ensure that your boat is compatible with PCMW’s Aftermarket windows.
  3. Guideline

    #3 No Glass Sales

    PCMW Aftermarket will not provide only glass without the window frame. You must purchase the whole part even if you are only in need of glass. PCMW windows are sold as a complete assembly for liability purposes.

Please note: we do not manufacture any custom-built windows as of July 2018.

If you are looking for other parts such as Vinyl or Screws please send us an email with a photo of the part you are looking for to

Step 2

If the window you wish to replace fits all 3 guidelines to order an Aftermarket Window please answer a few questions and we will assist you to the best of our ability. Thank you.